What is VeryPet

Meet the VERYPET

your everyday  tool for every pet owner, pet rescuers, animal shelter managers, boarding kennel owners, and veterinarians.  Based on a microchip platform database which expands daily you can easily register a pet and track health records or other actions that have been following this pet  during his or her life.

How it works

Register yourself as a user, easily register a pet you own, a pet you found, or a pet you had rescued. Then the magic begins:

Scenario 1. Register your pet: in case you lose your pet there will be an announcement in the front page, if someone  found your pet and add his microchip to search a pop-up notification will appear that this pet is lost and you can safely exchange messages through the platform in order to reunite with your pet.

Scenario 2. You are a pet rescuer and you find a stray cat  in poor condition. You can easily search on database and find  medical records of this stray cat that maybe another volunteer submitted, or you can submit the treatment you did to that cat in order for the next person who finds this cat to know exactly what medical treatment the cat has got and from whom.

Scenario 3. You are a veterinary and you want to add online on a cloud secure database medical records for a pet. On this records only other licensed veterinarians and pets owners could have access. This will make pets and owners life easier and veterinarians can be have a clear picture for their clients and patients. If the pet is mentioned as stray animal every individual could have access to this information.