About Us


We  are a multi colour mosaic team  of  people from  different backgrounds and professions who brought our different talents together to create  projects and make a difference for pets.

At the end of the day we do have one  thing in common, we share our lives with our beloved pets.


We share and give back.

We educate, we rescue, we influence, we connect.

We have dedicated many years of work to establish pet-related communities, pet -theme events and educational tools for responsible pet ownership and we have influenced tens of thousands of people to feel and act for animals.

In our agenda you can find a non profit animal welfare organisation (ADESPOTOLOGIO)  a non profit ethical breeding institute, (Felina Greece) and an organisation (PRI.ORG )  for research and innovations for pet-people.


We believe that the root of man has been combined with the root of domesticated animals thousands of years ago. We saw and tasted  the benefits of sharing a life with a pet, we want this passion to act like a catalyst to inspire and influence more lives and finally connect  the person with his pet.

Our dream is to see millennials live harmoniously with animals and experience   balance between their tech -life and nature. This trend is called the new zen.